XLX Multiprotocol Gateway Reflector
   XLX810 v2.4.2 - Dashboard v2.4.2   /  Service uptime: 77 days 04:04:15
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Module Name Users DPlus DExtra DCS DMR
A International 0 REF810AL *810A XRF810AL B810A DCS810AL D810A 4001
B Hangout 0 REF810BL *810B XRF810BL B810B DCS810BL D810B 4002
C General 3 REF810CL *810C XRF810CL B810C DCS810CL D810C 4003
D DMR Experimental 0 REF810DL *810D XRF810DL B810D DCS810DL D810D 4004
E E.O.C. Ops 0 REF810EL *81005 XRF810EL B81005 DCS810EL D81005 4005
F Foodies! 0 REF810FL *81006 XRF810FL B81006 DCS810FL D81006 4006
G Geezers Getaway 0 REF810GL *81007 XRF810GL B81007 DCS810GL D81007 4007
H Hurricane Watch 0 REF810HL *81008 XRF810HL B81008 DCS810HL D81008 4008
I General 0 REF810IL *81009 XRF810IL B81009 DCS810IL D81009 4009
J General 0 REF810JL *81010 XRF810JL B81010 DCS810JL D81010 4010
K Kevin Loves 4 Heinekens 0 REF810KL *81011 XRF810KL B81011 DCS810KL D81011 4011
L General 0 REF810LL *81012 XRF810LL B81012 DCS810LL D81012 4012
M General 0 REF810ML *81013 XRF810ML B81013 DCS810ML D81013 4013
N NOOBS 0 REF810NL *81014 XRF810NL B81014 DCS810NL D81014 4014
O General 0 REF810OL *81015 XRF810OL B81015 DCS810OL D81015 4015
P Picture Net 0 REF810PL *81016 XRF810PL B81016 DCS810PL D81016 4016
Q General 0 REF810QL *81017 XRF810QL B81017 DCS810QL D81017 4017
R General 0 REF810RL *81018 XRF810RL B81018 DCS810RL D81018 4018
S Skegness U.K. 0 REF810SL *81019 XRF810SL B81019 DCS810SL D81019 4019
T Train Talk 0 REF810TL *81020 XRF810TL B81020 DCS810TL D81020 4020
U General 0 REF810UL *81021 XRF810UL B81021 DCS810UL D81021 4021
V General 0 REF810VL *81022 XRF810VL B81022 DCS810VL D81022 4022
W WX Watch 0 REF810WL *81023 XRF810WL B81023 DCS810WL D81023 4023
X General 0 REF810XL *81024 XRF810XL B81024 DCS810XL D81024 4024
Y YSF NET 0 REF810YL *81025 XRF810YL B81025 DCS810YL D81025 4025
Z Zombie Partol 0 REF810ZL *81026 XRF810ZL B81026 DCS810ZL D81026 4026
XLX810 yes it is the DCS810! & YSF 57188
A Closed ARRG.US Club Reflector
This reflector is DCS - DPlus (REF) - DExtra (XRF) - YSF (C4FM) - DMR
Our only transcoding Reflector
-Sponsored and Maintained by NO9S.
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Now with G3 Terminal/AP connectivity
Peanut available on 810C
Kissimmee, FL.

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Tuesday Morning ARRG.US NET, at 9:15 Eastern on DCS102B
This is a directed NET, Please listen to the NET Controller
A General Call will be made after roll call. All licensed Ham's welcome to join in.

Starting July 28th, 2021
Wednesday "Meet and Eat" (ARRGEW) will be

at Culver's 3148 North Orange Blosom Trail, Kissimmee 9:30 AM,
Kissimmee Culvers Website

We observe Osceola County, Florida's pandemic guidlines.